PROJECT NAME: Renovation of La Herradura Market and the Creation of a Tourist Resource Interpretation Center in La Herradura (Granada)

YEAR: 2022

STATE: Finished Project


The Project has two different parts:

1. Incorporation into the existing building of a new purpose: the creation of the La Herradura Tourist Resource Interpretation Center.

The location for the implementation of this Interpretation Center will be an intermediate space within the building. This area has its own entrance and currently serves no specific purpose, consisting of closed rooms and bathrooms. Therefore, this underutilized space is being repurposed to provide the town with a modern and technology-equipped tourism office. As a landmark, to make sure people can easily locate the Interpretation Center, the entrance will be enhanced with a new concrete façade and a restructuring of the existing access.

2. Renovation of the existing traditional market.

The idea is to maximize the interior space to provide more light and views since it is located on the beachfront. The proposal includes introducing gourmet market stalls where visitors can eat and enjoy local products. This is achieved by removing the unused traditional stalls in the southern area and building three open gourmet stalls that offer a view of the surroundings. The traditional stalls in the northern area will be retained, and a new accessible bathroom will be added in the eastern area.