PROJECT NAME: Renovation of Independence Square in La Herradura (Granada)

YEAR: 2023

STATE: Finished Project


The square had so many problems:

  1. Poor condition of the pavement.
  2. Water stagnation in the square with leaks to the basement.
  3. The planters also had leaks.
  4. The floor wasn’t flat, it had some holes.
  5. Presence of obstacles/steps and limited accessibility.
  6. Very rigid edges. Due to the planters, there is a wall that makes the square appear less connected to the surroundings.
  7. Unwelcoming seating areas.
  8. Current bench space lacks shade. The old wooden pergolas also didn’t work and had to be removed due to their excessive size and deterioration of the wood.


  1. There is a basement under the square. Therefore, this will limit many aspects, such as planting vegetation. The maximum weight we can add to the square is restricted, and a load test on the floor was conducted by a specialized study to determine this. Due to this weight limitation, the maximum height of the planters that can be added is limited, and the trees they can accommodate will be of a garden-type, including flowers and smaller trees.
  2. The central space of the square must remain open/clear. This is because a multitude of events take place in the square throughout the year, such as markets, tents, fairs, outdoor cinema, performances, so all available space is needed to provide flexibility of use.


  1. Designing the edges: Smoothing them and creating continuity with their surroundings.
  2. Concept of continuous benches. Moving away from the idea of isolated traditional benches and embracing the concept of continuous benches to encourage the gathering of people, creating spaces with different conditions and varying shade.
    – The design of the benches itself creates spaces for planters, integrating plants and trees into the welcoming space.
    – The bench design also allows for the integration of lighting underneath.
  3. Improving accessibility, by eliminating all level differences and creating a single plane to resolve the elevation change. Additionally, creating a new integrated access ramp.
  4. Shade concept: Creating a lightweight and dynamic pergola that can be adapted to different seasons. For example, in the summer, it can be covered with plants so you can have more shadow. In the winter, it can be kept as it is, providing areas of both shade and light.