Our intention with interior design or a complete renovation is to minimize the client's concerns, from the initial design phase to the completion of the home.

To achieve this, we offer the Project Manager or Turnkey Service. In this service, we assist you in finding specialized builders/carpenters, recommending the best professionals in our working areas, both construction companies and carpenters, who deliver the best results and are 'on time,' which is very important to us. We have already worked with many professionals in the industry, and we will recommend you the best teams with a lot of experience. We review the budgets submitted by the builders (one or more, depending on the case), we will help you with the the contract between the builder and the client, we will study the different certifications during the construction process, and we will do a final price review at the end of the work. This service saves a lot of money because we, as technical experts, supervise everything that has been done in the construction process, and it will avoid any mistakes that builders might make.

We handle the management of licenses and permits or we assist you in doing it yourselves by providing you with step-by-step guidance in an informative PDF.

Custom furniture design and lighting design included.

Kitchen design.

We will send you an informative material dossier, so you can make the best decision.

- Doors Dossier
- Windows Dossier
- Flooring Dossier

We will provide you with a detailed construction schedule outlining the phases of the construction process.

We will inform you about available subsidies and assist you in drafting all the necessary technical documentation (energy certificates, reports, etc.) required to apply for them. While we do not directly manage the grants, we can connect you with specialized firms that can assist you in the application process.

We will go with you to different stores to choose the materials for your project (due to availability). You will always have professional advice to choose the materials that best suit your needs and the specific design of the project.

The frequency of site visits will be as needed.
Typically, it's once a week, but it will be adjusted based on the specific requirements of each project.

We always advocate for the client on the construction site, protecting their interests.
We can’t guarantee that there won't be issues during the construction process (issues can arise in any work site), but we can assure you that we will be there, seeking timely explanations from the builder, working to minimize risks from the beggining, accompanying the client, acting as their protective shield, always looking for the best possible solution while considering the financial aspect.

If you want to share
your ideas with us, please contact us.