Terrace Panorama Curumbico

Terraza Panorama Curumbico en Almuñécar

PROJECT NAME: Interior renovation of a flat in Granada

YEAR: 2020-2021


STATE: Finished


The clients had an existing home in Curumbico, Almuñécar. However, the villa had some issues: the pool was at a very low level and was very disconnected from the rest of the house.

They were looking for new creative ideas to build a new terrace at a higher level with a new infinity pool.

We created an imaginative project for that terrace, where the terrace piece rises from the ground, floating above it.

  • Has this Project significantly improved the client’s quality of life?

This project enabled the client to explore other options for building a hillside terrace. It’s very beneficial for the client to consider various designs, even with multiple architects, to see which option best suits their needs. In this case, although the client liked the idea very much, they decided to discard this project and chose to proceed in a different manner. However, they were able to use all the documentation that we had already prepared such as the 3D model of the current state of the house.