Casa Blom

Casa Blom

PROJECT NAME: Luxury villa in Punta de la Mona, La Herradura, Almuñécar (Granada)

YEAR: 2019-2023


STATE: Finished


The clients (who came from Sweden) wanted a home where they could enjoy the wonderful climate of the Costa Tropical, with plenty of outdoor spaces and many windows facing the sea. Due to regulations, only 160 m2 of housing could be built.

The main difficulty of the plot was its slope. It had a very steep incline, and there was already a previous excavation on the land that created two highly differentiated levels, one at ground level (0 meters) and another at +8 meters.

The first thing we did was to create a high basement that would serve as a garage for cars and utility areas. This basement would be a large concrete base upon which to build the house.

The idea for the house was to create three stacked cubes/boxes, each offset from the others. With this housing arrangement, we achieved a considerable height of about 13 meters and would have the best views of the landscape. The higher the level we ascended, the better views we obtained.

The first cube is positioned to open up to the views, with a large 8-meter window that connects to a spacious terrace featuring an infinity pool. On this level, the public area (kitchen, dining room, and living room) and a guest bathroom are located.

The second cube is the most important one. It is positioned perpendicular to the lower cube and serves a crucial function: resolving the different heights of the terrain. It is supported at the rear of the plot, where the level is higher, and protrudes at the front over the lower terrace, creating a large cantilever. This overhang directly faces the sea, forming the balcony of the master bedroom. In this cube, there are two bedrooms, each with its own private bathroom, as well as several public terraces connected to the ground floor via external stairs, creating a continuous path that links the different levels and spaces of the project.

Next is the third cube, which is positioned parallel to the lower cube but slightly offset. Here is where the third bedroom with its private bathroom and private terrace is located.

Finally, an external staircase leads us to the last terrace, offering panoramic views.

The interior staircase is of great importance in this project as it connects all the levels, in addition to a provision for an elevator for future use.

  • Has this Project significantly improved the client’s quality of life?

The clients had a bad experience with a previous construction company and architects before they came to us. They had lost three years and hadn’t achieved anything. Additionally, they had undergone unnecessary excavation work on the plot. Because of this, they were looking for someone who could provide them with peace of mind and assurance that everything would turn out well.

The process was very easy for the clients; they felt supported and understood, which was exactly what they needed.

For the client, this project has meant a significant improvement in their quality of life. By providing a house specifically designed to maximize panoramic views and take advantage of the exceptional climate of the Costa Tropical, the client now enjoys a space perfectly tailored to their needs and desires. The intelligent distribution of the stacked cubes, the spacious terraces, and the infinity pool offer an ideal environment for relaxation and enjoyment of the natural surroundings. Additionally, the seamless connection between different levels through the interior staircase and the provision for a future elevator ensure long-term accessibility and comfort. In summary, this project has significantly enhanced the client’s life by providing a home that combines functionality, comfort, and beauty. Finally, the clients have fulfilled their dream to live in La Herradura.


Photography: Cristina Beltrán
Builder/Contractor: Construcciones Romuaxa S.L.
Project Manager: Andalu Living