PROJECT NAME: Interior Renovation in Almería


This project successfully eliminates endless hallways by using a central piece of furniture to structure the space.

The aim is to create a home with flexible spaces that can adapt to different situations, something very necessary in today’s times.

It was a house from the 1970s in Almería Capital. Its floor plan was long and dark. It had a narrow corridor that served as the main distribution pathway for the space.

The house has 72 m2.

We’ve aimed to make the most of the house’s strengths and utilize its length (16 meters) as an opportunity to create a continuous living space that can adapt to various situations that may arise in the home.

We demolished all the partitions in the central area of the house. We kept as as closed space the bathroom and the two bedrooms. The rest of the space will be open and continuous.

The 16-meter wall becomes the focal point of the project, given its magnitude and presence. To enhance this wall, we incorporate a versatile piece of furniture that transforms and adapts to the different spaces within the house.

So the piece of furniture becomes the kitchen, creating a countertop. Later on, it transforms into a storage area, providing support for the dining room. Then, the furniture folds to create the TV space. The next space it accommodates is a decorative area for including plants. Following that, it transitions into a bookshelf, and the final transformation is into a sofa bed.

This final space is the most important area of the house due to its flexibility. The owners were looking for a space that could serve as a bedroom but could also function as a guest reception area, a place to relax and have coffee, or even a study area — in other words, a versatile space. To achieve this, it was decided to enclose the space with translucent glass, ensuring that when it’s closed, the living room and the rest of the house still receive natural light.

A translucent glass with wooden slats is also used in the bathroom to allow natural light to reach the kitchen.

We used the combination of Wood Material and White color.