PROJECT NAME: Interior renovation in Almuñécar

YEAR: 2023

CONSTRUCTION: Interior renovation

STATE: We are ready to starts the construction works.


This is an existing, very outdated apartment located in Almuñécar, Granada. The project involves a complete interior renovation of the living space.

The idea of the Project is to open the space, with the kitchen, dining room and the living room. The kitchen opens up to the natural light, with all the custom-made furniture, including a central island, to maximize storage space efficiently.

They will have three custom-designed bedrooms and two very modern bathrooms. Virtually without making significant changes to the previous floor plan (except for opening up the main space), we have achieved a contemporary home with a warm minimalism in wood tones.

  • Has this Project significantly improved the client’s quality of life?

In this case, the clients opted for the Full-Service Turnkey Solution/ Project Manager.

So they wanted Design Project + Project Manager + Construction Management.

From the beginning, the clients mentioned that our fee was more expensive than other architect’s fee they had got.

However, they loved the projects they had seen on our website, and after asking lots of questions, they decided to trust us.

For them, the most important aspect was that the Execution Project was detailed and well-defined. They were looking for a high level of precision in the details. It was also crucial to them that we had experience working in the Almuñécar area and had connections with local construction companies. Another factor was the sentimental value; it was their family’s home, and they wanted a well-designed space that would suit their family’s needs.

The clients required few project revisions since they liked the idea we proposed from the beginning, and currently, we are still working to make their dream come true.