PROJECT NAME: Luxury Villa Renovation and Extension in La Herradura

YEAR: 2023


STATE: Execution Project


This is an existing villa located in La Herradura, overlooking the sea. The plot has 1000 m2, and the existing house is only 80 m2, so the project involves the interior renovation of those 80 m2 and the expansion of the house by adding a new module.

The existing house will remain as the bedroom and bathroom area. The new extension will include an open kitchen, dining area, and living room, transforming this house into a Luxury Villa in La Herradura with all the modern amenities.

Additionally, due to the significant slope of the plot, a large elevated terrace will be built to offer panoramic views of the landscape and the sea. This terrace will feature an infinity pool, several covered porch areas, and garden spaces.

  • Has this Project significantly improved the client’s quality of life?

Yes, the client needed a good urban planning study of the plot to determine the allowable construction limits and compliance with other relevant regulations. And that’s what they got.

And, of course, the client required a design tailored to their needs and preferences. The final design was achieved with very few revisions, and the clients were highly satisfied. We are continuing working on the project, progressing through the following phases. Now they will enjoy a luxury villa with breathtaking views and they have increased the property value.