PROJECT NAME: Renovation of an old house with swimming pool and new facade.

YEAR: 2022


STATE: Finished Project


This is an existing old house located in Almuñécar. The house was built in two different historical periods: an older section at the back of the plot and a more modern section, which forms the facade. There is a significant problem with this house, which is a substantial difference in elevation between these two parts, resulting in many stairs placed at various locations to access different levels. These stairs, apart from being poorly located, had a height problem, causing you to hit your head when climbing them due to not meeting the necessary minimum height requirements.

Additionally, there is a desire to preserve the terrace area and accommodate a swimming pool in that space.

The state of conservation of the house is very poor.

The renovation project aims to solve the problema of the differents levels. The decision was to demolish the most recent part of the house and to keep the older section, so we will mantein this level. So the Project will consist in the interior renovation of the older part and the new construction a new volume with a new facade.

We designed a new stairs, conecting all different levels.

In the new volumen, we designed a pool located on the top terrace. The concept of adding a rooftop pool allows for dual use of the terrace: one for swimming and the other for enjoying the views of Almuñécar.