PROJECT NAME: House Rehabilitation in Tíjola, Almería

YEAR: 2023

CONSTRUCTION: Rehabilitation / House

STATE: Execution Project


It’s an old house, and it had some structural defects and a non-functional floor plan with limited connection to the outdoor space.

However, it had great potential: it featured wooden beam ceilings, load-bearing stone walls, an excellent location, and a good plot for an outdoor project as well.

The project involved preserving the distinctive elements of this house (its roof, its walls) while incorporating modern elements, in this case, a white base that delineates the different functions: the kitchen, the doors, the TV area.

At the same time, we improved the floor plans by creating an open space for the kitchen, dining area, and living room. We connected this space to the outdoors by adding a pergola for outdoor dining, all integrated with the existing pool.

We get a project with a rustic aesthetic but at the same time industrial and minimalist design.

  • Has this Project significantly improved the client’s quality of life?

Yes, the client felt stuck and didn’t know how to improve their home.

In fact, he had previously hired the services of another professional. However, hewanted a second opinion on how to solve his problem, as he didn’t see an easy solution.

When we showed him the project, after making the necessary changes, the client felt completely confident and, finally, saw the solution for his home clearly. This has improved his life as he no longer has to continue searching or worrying about the solution. Moreover, he is very excited about the upcoming phases, especially seeing his dream home come to life.