Interior renovation of a dúplex in Granada

Reforma interior de dúplex en Granada

PROJECT NAME: Interior renovation of a dúplex in Granada

YEAR: 2020-2021


STATE: Built/Finished


This is a duplex located in Granada. The project focuses only on its ground floor, which has an area of 69 square meters and includes the public area of the house, as well as the 30 square meter patio.

After purchasing the property, the clients wanted to give it a more contemporary aesthetic and, above all, open up some spaces. The most important aspect was opening up to the patio, as it was intended to be the center of family life.

The project aims to achieve a functional and comfortable layout. A semi-open kitchen with an island is designed, connected to the dining area, and connected to the laundry area and the patio. The clients didn’t want an entirely open kitchen but also didn’t want it completely closed off, so we established a middle ground solution: a semi-open kitchen with sliding doors with white frames and glass, allowing the space to be used in an open or closed configuration. Additionally, we relocated the toilet, resulting in a more open and pleasant living room.

  • Has this Project significantly improved the client’s quality of life?

This project has significantly improved the client’s life by transforming their duplex into a more functional and aesthetically pleasing space. By renovating the ground floor and patio area, the clients were able to achieve a contemporary aesthetic while also addressing their need to open up the living spaces and create a stronger connection to the outdoor patio, which now serves as the focal point for family activities.

The redesign, including the semi-open kitchen layout with sliding doors, has enhanced the flow and flexibility of the living space, providing a more comfortable and enjoyable environment for daily living.

The construction was completed in less than 4 months, meeting the clients’ expectations.


Photography: Cristina Beltrán