Interior renovation of a dúplex in Granada

Reforma interior de dúplex en Granada

This is a duplex located in Granada. The project focuses only on its ground floor, which has an area of 69 square meters and includes the public area of the house, as well as the 30 square meter patio. After purchasing the property, the clients wanted to give it a more contemporary aesthetic and, above […]

Interior renovation of a flat in Granada

The project is a renovation of a flat located in the Plaza de Toros of Granada. It has an area of 77 square meters and a terrace of 5 square meters. The flat was in a very outdated condition. It was distributed into several rooms with a central hallway. The laundry room had a large […]


This is an existing, very outdated apartment located in Almuñécar, Granada. The project involves a complete interior renovation of the living space. The idea of the Project is to open the space, with the kitchen, dining room and the living room. The kitchen opens up to the natural light, with all the custom-made furniture, including […]


This project successfully eliminates endless hallways by using a central piece of furniture to structure the space. The aim is to create a home with flexible spaces that can adapt to different situations, something very necessary in today’s times. It was a house from the 1970s in Almería Capital. Its floor plan was long and […]